Welcome to Sprue Pie with Frets

Have been listening to a lot of plastic modeling podcasts and doomscrolling plastic modeling groups on Facebook and blogs over the past few months, and I want in on the action. Plus I’ve been building models like crazy during the COVID lockdown. So welcome to Sprue Pie With Frets, where I will post about my model building progress and things I see and hear about the hobby and the industry.

Can’t promise I’ll stay on message about scale modeling, so I might venture into adjacent topics, like the hobby press and real world military and history topics and model railroading. (If you really want to hear what I have to say about model railroading, go read my semi-retired Up Dunes Junction blog)

Still figuring out how to use this WordPress platform, so consider this a soft launch as I work through how to post and change the page. Looking forward to sharing and interacting with you!

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