3D Printing: Sending Photoetch To The Back Of The Line

Go see John Bonanni’s original post (Facebook account required), but this image illustrates the transformative power of 3D printing. It’s a 1/35 fire extinguisher bracket, or a similar such appurtenance, that would be impossible in injection molded styrene, and a frustrating bending-and-folding puzzle in photoetch.

What does this mean for modelers? 3D printing won’t replace photoetch or resin casting as an aftermarket production medium, but it is certainly proving itself as a competitive and possibly superior alternative. And though there are probably not data to prove this, I suspect that more modelers are dabbling in 3D printing at home than those who made their own home-brew photoetch or latex molds for resin casting when those technologies were still new.

One comment

  1. That’s a beautiful part. Like any new tool we wind up complimenting the tool but the credit is for the person for listening to the tool to see what it wants to do and how it wants to work.

    It’s so disappointing to see 3D printers being used to simply think about models the way we would if we were casting parts or etching them. So wonderful to see when a modeller embraces this to make parts in ways we couldn’t dream of even five years ago or to pursue subjects that might have been inaccessible because of various barriers. It’s exciting. Thanks for seeing this work for the beautiful thing it is and sharing it!



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