Piling On to What ModelAirplaneMaker Said

Yeah! What Chris said! Just get in there and build something!

A lot of great modeling can get done with just a small, core set of cheap tools and minimal finishing supplies (AKA, without an airbrush). And also, a lot of great modeling can get done without Bellingcat-level ‘research’—no shame whatsoever in using the decals and paint recommendations in the kit. Hyper-accuracy will come to your modeling repertoire in time, but there’s a mind-boggling bounty of modeling joy to be had without all the fooferaw that some YouTubers, Patreon-ers, podcasters, and social media hot-takers might have us believe.

Chris in his own words:

At various points during my articling year, I found myself repeatedly hitting my head on my desk. As it turned out, this was common amongst …

Only two things will make you a better modeler

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