Dear Warhammer Adjacent, I am Not a Professional Modeller, Either

Warhammer Adjacent reflects on how he addressed the shortfalls of Bronco’s problematic 1/35 Comet kit. The in-progress build looks quite good, but he anticipates that some of his approaches to the Bronco Comet might not live up to the uncompromising expectations of influential, tastemaking elite—-AKA ‘professional’—modelers. Ultimately, WA concludes he’s here for the model making fun, and that he doesn’t owe himself or anyone else a ‘professional’ model.

My take on Warhammer Adjacent’s ‘Not a Professional Modeller’ post is similar to my take on ModelAirplaneMaker Chris’ Aftermarket is not always Au Gratin Potato Chips post a few months ago: don’t let the taste-making elite of plastic modeling have the final say in your hobby joy.

I’m with Warhammer Adjacent—I’m not a professional modeler, either. Just want to savor the joy, the charm, the ineffable magic of scale modeling, without resorting to the showy displays of effort and emotion cited in his post.


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